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Walking tracks near Methven!

Posted on December 18, 2018 at 3:05 AM

At the end of McLennans Bush Road is the Awa Awa Rata Reserve. Only 12 km from Methven it is popular for its walking tracks taking you through Mt Hutt forest. There are a variety of tracks and signs and are very clearly posted in the picnic area and at the start of the tracks. In behind the walking tracks is the Pudding Hill Reserve surrounded by the Hakatere Conservation Park.

During the spring months, September to November and into December the picnic area of the Awa Awa Rata Reserve is full of beautiful vibrant Rhodedandrons. There is a 10 minute walk that takes you through these bushes and follows a stream. Another gentle walk is also in the area called the Te Awa Awa Walk and takes about 15 minutes For those wanting an extra challenge, there are several other tracks to choose from. You can walk them individually or combine tracks for a longer walk.


As you drive into the reserve, this track starts on the left in behind the toilets. The track gently climbs through Alder trees and reaches a forest of larches just before it meets the junction on the ridge. From there you can follow and un marked track taking you down to Pudding Hill stream or you can carry on the ridge which later joins up with the Opuke track or the Scotts saddle track, both taking you back to the picnic area. You can also keep on going which will lead you to Scotts Saddle. One way this track is 30 minutes.


To get to the Opuke track follow the road up from the picnic area. There is a sign clearly posted which track to take. It climbs quickly for 30 minutes one way.


You can climb the beginning of the Scotts Saddle track which takes you to the ridge junction where you can then turn off to take the Alder or Opuke track back down. You could also go back down the same way you came or continue on to Scotts Saddle which is a good 2.5 hour climb to the top. This track climbs steepily and rooted most of the way. Big steps from natural depressions take about 25 minutes to get to the ridge junction. This track quite often is wet and muddy.


You can always go down the same way you came but to build on to your walk and make it a loop there are a few circuits you could do:

Alder Track-Opuke Track- 1 hour, 15 minutes

Alder- Scotts saddle- 1 hour, 15 minutes

Opuke-Scotts saddle- 1 hour, 30 minutes

Methven is the perfect place to visit to get out in nature and go for a walk! The area in the Awa Awa Rata Reserve is full of beech forest and native plants giving a jungle like feel. Pack a lunch for after you walk or move into town to one of the many cafes and restaurants. It’s a great place to bring the kids but be sure to bring some bug spray!


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