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What to do in Methven- Water fun!

Posted on February 13, 2019 at 1:15 PM

Methven is situated in the perfect area for the watersport enthusiasts out there! Less than an hour each way out of town there are 4 lakes to get you out on the water under the sun enjoying a beautiful day.

A favourite lake among the locals is Lake Camp situated up the Ashburton Gorge above Mt Sommers. This area is also known as the Ashburton Lakes district as there are many small and large lakes in the area. Because of wildlife reserves and restrictions, Lake Camp is the only lake to allow motorized boats. The area is lovely with tall rugged mountains dusted with snow in the far distance. The tussocks glow in an evening light in the summertime and magic sparks as the sun goes down turning the sky different shades of pink. Camping is permitted around the edge of the lake and new toliets had been put up. Something to note though is that dogs are strictly not allowed in the area. To get to Lake Camp from Methven, head south on highway 72, turn right at Mt Sommers onto Ashuburton Gorge Road. Follow that road for about half and hour and Lake Camp will come into view on the left. The boat launch is at the end of the lake. Lake Coleridge is another popular lake 45 minutes from Methven, heading North on Highway 72. Formed from a glacier 20,000 years ago, Lake Coleridge is the largest lake in North Canterbury sitting between the Torlesse and Mt Hutt ranges. The lake is huge so lots of room for water fun. Summer is filled with blue skies stretched over the lake and crisp clean air fills your lungs. Be sure to check the weather forecast. Nor westerly winds can rip down the lake making it quite rough. Lake Coleridge is off of Coleridge road. If you’re looking to launch a boat, you can do so at Ryton Bay. To get there follow Coleridge road to Homestead then Harper Road. Follow Harper Road to just before the Ryton River and you can turn off there down to the waters edge. For a more off the beaten track adventure head over to Lake Lyndon. Nestled in the mountains and glistening with it’s deep blues, Lake Lyndon is another great family spot. Park a few chairs along the edge of the lake and spend an afternoon in the water or on a boat with kids in tow! You can get to Lake Lyndon through Lake Coleridge. Instead of turning on Harper road you can turn on Lyndon Road which takes you right to the lake. This road can become unsuitable for small cars so caution should be taken. An alternative route is heading north on Highway 77 and following the turnoff to go to Springfield. Lake Lyndon is on the left as you drive 20 minutes from Springfield. Last but not least is Lake Hood. A man made lake beside Tinwald, Ashburton on the south side of the river. This is a great spot to get out on the skies or wakeboard and especially close to Methven. Enjoy a bite to eat at the beautiful lakefront restaurant, The Lake House and a picturesque neighbourhood view from all around. This lake has a boat launch.If you're thinking about heading to Methven don't forget its beautiful and easy accessible lakes nearby. Bring your skies and get your life jacket on! There is a lot of fun to be had on a lovely summer day!

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