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Lockdown Level 4 & Level 3

Posted on May 5, 2020 at 1:25 AM
Hello beautiful people.

We just wanted to write to you to let you know all the things we have been doing during Level 4 and 3 to make Snow Denn Lodge an even better place to visit when we all get to start travelling again.

And boy o boy have we been busy.

Laura has repainted nearly every room on both lodges! We have around 22 rooms so that's a pretty awesome!

These rooms have been also revamped and are all ready for the guests to see them for the Winter.

Now we are working on our bunk rooms. One thing we noticed, and have been desperately wanting to do is add extra shelves for each individual bunk, so you have somewhere to sit your phone and iPad at night. We have also come up with some super cool ideas to make sleeping nooks within each individual bunk so that when someone gets up early or in the middle of the night you have less chance of being disturbed. These nooks are so cool and I know you guys will love them. While we were working on the bunks they have all been lengthened for those with long legs and also made wider. I cant wait to show you all these rooms.

So what is next you might ask,

Well the private lodge is getting a new kitchen shortly to modernise it like the backpacker lodge did. Along with the bathrooms being revamped and made more user friendly. Exciting times!!!

Now its your turn to help us! You know we are the best place to stay in Methven, we have rooms to suit any budget and style. Weather your a family coming to stay on a Friday night so you can hit the slops early on a Saturday or a couple coming for a weekend away. Or maybe you are backpacking and you want to immerse your self in the Snow Denn Lodge life for a few days.

Regardless we would love to see you all, remember the more we see you the better we can make Snow Denn Lodge for you to enjoy.

An important note to remember.

Book on our website or call us to get the best deals.

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