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Winter 2020

Posted on July 29, 2020 at 12:25 AM

Hello fellow travellers and friends of Snow Denn Lodge 

I hope you are all enjoying the freedom that New Zealand has to offer at present and taking the time to explore our beautiful country. We are so spoilt by the magnificent scenery that is right on our back door step so make sure if you haven't already you take the time to get out and about and see what people travel half way across the world to see yet could be 5 minutes down the road from you!!! 

Winter 2020 is in full swing now and we have just enjoyed a very busy and full school holidays. We had lots and lots of wonderful families, backpackers, single travellers and couples stay with us so far this winter and we still have plenty more of you booked in to stay with us over the coming months. 

Mt Hutt has had a bumper of a start to its season and is now in full swing with plenty of staff and lots of snow for you all to enjoy. 

We have been loving the atmosphere at the lodge. The warmth from the fires roaring everyday and the fun, laughter and friendships that have been made and had have made us so proud of the lodges we have built and the atmosphere that is created in them each day. We have also had great joy from hearing all your wonderful reviews of Snow Denn Lodge so please keep the reviews coming. Share us, like us on Facebook and write reviews on your favourite review pages. Its one of the best ways to show other people how amazing Snow Denn Lodge is so that other people can enjoy our lodge just like you have. 

So, looking forward Mt Hutt is planning to stay open untill their regular closing date, that means just about 3 more months of skiing and snowboarding at Mt Hutt. Epic! 

If you haven't already had a chance to have a break and visit Snow Denn Lodge then give us a call or email and get your bookings in now. 

We look forward to see you all 

Safe Travels 

Laura and Tim  

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